Google’s Mobile-First Index

Google a few years ago decided to adjust their search index in favor of mobile devices. After almost a couple years of testing the mobile first index of the web they are beginning to roll it out.  Google has stated that majority of Google searches these days are from mobile devices. What Google means by “mobile-first” indexing is they will use the mobile version including their “AMP Pages” of the web page for indexing and ranking to help mobile users find what they are looking for. Google will begin to down rank slow loading websites and website that aren’t mobile friendly.  Is your website mobile friendly? Found out today for free by contacting us for a free consultation at

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    Machine Learning

    Machine Learning

    I come across MLJAR ML (Machine Learning) tool built for your browser this week and found it a very interesting. MLJar allows you in 3 steps to build ML models while all in your web browser. All you do is upload your data, train and adjust, then predict and share your results. They even have a python API that can be used to train and tune modal data. They offer a monthly subscription or pay as you go plan. If you mention MLJAR on a social media post they will give you 10 free credits (1 hour a credit) to run your ML models for predictions. I am slightly new to ML but after reading their documentation and reading this blog post Start With Machine Learning I quickly learned a general understanding on how ML works and can predict data.